Highest quality rating!

We would like to welcome the award of the highest AA level „Global Standard for Food Safety (BRC) certificate" to „Nematekas" in 2021. The audit at the poultry production workshop of „Nematekas" was carried out by an independent German audit company.

The first BRC certificate was awarded to „Nematekas" in 2008. Since then, it has been updated with a multi-day quality audit. Consistent work in accordance with the principles of BRC's food safety and quality management system allowed to achieve an excellent result in 2021 – „Nematekas" was awarded the highest AA level of BRC certificate.

The BRC product safe production and quality management system covers not only the production processes of the products, but also their supply chain to the buyer. By purchasing products from BRC certified manufacturers, the buyer can be ensured that the products are manufactured in accordance with safe production and quality standards.