Nematekas - 27 years of justified expectations

„Nematekas“ started its activities in 1994 by selling German-produced meat processing lines NEMATEC. In order to test the equipment in practice, a small demonstration meat processing workshop was set up, producing only 900 kg of meat products per day. Gradually, it grew into a competitive meat processing company. Currently, „Nematekas“ prepares more than 80 tons of meat products every day and continues to strive for growth with the highest quality standards. Youthful energy, maximalism and will allowed to become a solid company recognized not only by Lithuania, but also by the foreign market. In October 2019, „Nematekas” welcomed a honorable 25th anniversary. However, according to the company’s managers, it is worth to celebrate for everyone: not only the determination of the team members helped to overcome the challenges, but also the constant encouragement of product users to improve.

“Innovation and development are very important in our company, so we always strive to create something new, better and most importantly – healthier.”

Egidija Vaicekauskienė

Director of „Nematekas”

Since the beggining, „Nematekas” has been working purposefully towards the main goal – to ensure the perfect quality of products. Every year, the company invests in new technologies, working methods to provide consumers with reliable products. The company has established a quality monitoring, management and control system that ensures quality in each chain – from the purchase of raw materials to the transportation of finished products.


In 2013, the company’s brand was updated. The new sign reflects an important change in „Nematekas” activities – a turn towards “consumer-friendly” food. This is also evidenced by our products – sausages with probiotic cultures, sausages without any added E, products without allergens.

In 2021, „Nematekas” put on the market a new product line – Pro Natura, the production which not only does not use preservatives, dyes, allergens and other additives, but also sodium nitrite salt. Every year it is being looked at what new and healthier could be offered to the market. Currently, we offer a very wide range of products from raw meat and poultry to boiled, smoked or cured meat products. Wide variety for everyone!


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In 2008 „Nematekas” was awarded a BRC certificate attesting that the company’s production (poultry meat) meets the requirements of the British Retail Consortium. „This certificate is another assessment of „Nematekas” work. It is important for the company because it proves once again that buyers can be calm about the quality of our products.” said Egidija Vaicekauskienė, Director of „Nematekas”.

The company is equipped with the latest Swiss production equipment. A modern poultry slaughterhouse has been opened, with the support of SAPARD and a modern poultry factory has been established. There is no open fire in any of the company’s smokehouses, beech firewood is not burned, but rubbed, so light, persistent smoke does not leave carcinogenic substances in the product.


„Nematekas” products are valued not only among consumers, but also among professionals and specialists. We can boast of many awards both inside and outside Lithuania! „Lithuanian Product of the Year” was evaluated 16 times: it won 6 gold and 3 silver medals, 3 products were recognized as the best products of the year and 4 products were awarded diplomas.

At the international IFFA exhibition, various produce was awarded 18 medals (9 gold, 7 silver, 2 bronze)

Four times the company was awarded the „Honorary” diploma – it was awarded to Egidija Vaicekauskienė, director of „Nematekas”, for her merits in modernizing production, improving working conditions, expanding the range of products and markets.