Improving “Jokių E” products line

We have updated the products of the „Jokių pridėtinių E”. We present you „Jokių pridėtinių E” cooked sausages enriched with vitamin D3, cooked chicken sausage enriched with protein and cooled chicken sausages.

According to the findings of studies conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO), vitamin D3 is very necessary for people living in our geographical latitudes since it helps to maintain the normal functioning of the immune system. Protein-enriched food helps our body grow healthily, because after all, proteins are the main building material of our organism, necessary for the formation of new muscle fibers and the restoration of damaged tissues.

„Nematekas” was the first in the market to offer „Jokių pridėtinių E” products line and has earned consumer confidence. Products of „Jokių pridėtinių E” do not contain any food additives (preservatives, flavour enhancers or colours). Let's eat healthier!