Improving „Mažylių” products line

„Mažylių” products line - designed not only for our little ones, but also for their parents! According to the findings of studies conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO), in our geographical latitudes, the population is severely deficient in iodine and vitamin D3, and nutritionists emphasize that proteins must dominate in children's food. It is easiest to absorb these substances together with food, so we decided to enrich the „Mažyliai" products line with them:

„Mažylių” cooked sausages are enriched with iodized salt;

„Mažylių” cooked sausages with turkey are enriched with iodized salt and vitamin D3;

„Mažylių” cooked chicken fillet sausage is enriched with iodized salt and protein;

„Mažylių” cooked liver pate is enriched with iodized salt.

Most importantly, „Mažylių” products do not have any allergens, dyes or artificial flavor enhancers. Great choice for every day!