„Mažyliai“ introduces new products

„Nematekas" popular „Mažylių" product line introduces two new products that will appeal both to the little ones and their parents alike.

The new products are aimed for the whole family. It will save time and offer something different for those who are looking for new, tasty and interesting ideas for their lunch, dinner or snacks. The preparation is extremely easy - only 10 minutes in the oven or 5 minutes in the pan and the whole family will be happy.

„Mažylių" fried chicken fillet steaks in breadcrumbs and fried chicken fillets in ground breadcrumbs - excellent size and enriched with iodised salt.

The new products are made in Rumšiškės and can be found in many stores. Colorful packaging will help you to find „Mažyliai" quickly and will save your time. Delicious, fast and convenient - everyone will enjoy.