“Nematekas” has acquired an international IFS certificate

The team at "Nematekas" is extremely proud to present this huge milestone.

“Nematekas“ has obtained an international IFS (International Featured Standard) certificate, which is recognized by GFSI (World Food Safety Initiative) as a standard for food safety and quality certification for manufacturing processes.

This certificate not only confirms the safety and quality of food products and production processes, but also opens up new market opportunities. Companies with IFS certificate, provides more confidence for the consumers, increases good product image and provides transparency.

This certificate was defended by "Nematekas" according to the latest - 7th version, which came into force only this year. There are two levels of certification: foundation level (score from 75 to 95%) and higher (score >95%). Consistent and systematic work, high food safety and quality management made it possible to achieve a higher level, which the whole team is very proud of.