“Ready to Cook” product line is expanding!

"Ready to Cook" product line, which has gained great popularity, has welcomed 6 new unique flavours.

4 exclusive flavours have been added for the chicken products. A great choice for those who are looking for new, bold, unique flavours.

"Teriyaki" – a well known sauce from Japan will offer you a glimpse of The Far East. The sweet-salty, honey-caramel flavour and dark brown colour are the distinctiveness of this marinade.

"Buffalo" – the idea, which originated in Buffalo, New York State, became very popular all over the world very quickly. Recognisable from the lush red color and sharpness. "Ready to Cook" carefully selected spice mix gives this chicken a well balanced sharpness that is not too overpowering.

"Truffle" marinade – mushroom of the truffle family with a particularly distinctive taste and is one of the most expensive delicacies. A great marinade to surprise even those who have tried everything.

"Guo Bao" – a marinade popular in The Far East will offer you a particularly sweet and sour taste. Perfectly mixed spices and herbs – a marinade that will please many.


"Ready to Cook" also introduces 2 pork products.

"With roasted garlic" – everyone's favourite classic marinade, which gives pork loin a particularly attractive aroma.

"With sweet and spicy sauce" – great balance between sweetness and sharpness provides a distinctive juiciness to this pork neck

You can find "Ready to Cook" products in "IKI" stores, the full range of products can be found in bigger "MAXIMA" supermarkets.