Sodium nitrite – strong NO

Delicious, fast and healthy – three simple words that should satisfy our daily eating habits. But nowadays finding a product that meets this criteria is not so easy. For this reason, the meat processing company „Nematekas" introduces a new product line „Pro Natura", which is made from natural ingredients is fast to prepare and extremely delicious!

Egidija Vaicekauskienė, Director of „Nematekas", reveals that from the entire „Pro Natura" product line, it was technologically difficult to create sausages that would remain similar in appearance and taste to products currently on the market, but would be much healthier. „Nitrite extends the shelf life and gives the necessary color. In meat it is very difficult to preserve the natural color without the use of preservatives. The meat is red only as long as it is fresh, but when heat treated, it changes color. This occurs due to the oxidation of meat protein. Therefore, it was most difficult for us to preserve the pinkness of sausages. The color of the products was maintained using vitamin C, using innovative technological solutions and only natural spices were chosen to obtain the taste". „Pro Natura" has been developed for several years in cooperation with foreign technologists and food science specialists.

„Pro Natura" product line consists of 5 products: boiled sausages, boiled sausage, chicken sausage, cured sausage slices and hot smoked chicken breast. Director of „Nematekas" says that only the highest level of raw materials and natural spices are used in the production of „Pro Natura" products.