“Nematekas” has acquired an international IFS certificate

The team at “Nematekas” is extremely proud to present this huge milestone.

“Nematekas“ has obtained an international IFS (International Featured Standard) certificate, which is recognized by GFSI (World Food Safety Initiative) as a standard for food safety and quality certification for manufacturing processes.

This certificate not only confirms the safety and quality of food products and production processes, but also opens up new market opportunities. Companies with IFS certificate, provides more confidence for the consumers, increases good product image and provides transparency.

This certificate was defended by “Nematekas” according to the latest – 7th version, which came into force only this year. There are two levels of certification: foundation level (score from 75 to 95%) and higher (score >95%). Consistent and systematic work, high food safety and quality management made it possible to achieve a higher level, which the whole team is very proud of.

“Ready to Cook” product line is expanding!

“Ready to Cook” product line, which has gained great popularity, has welcomed 6 new unique flavours.

4 exclusive flavours have been added for the chicken products. A great choice for those who are looking for new, bold, unique flavours.

“Teriyaki” – a well known sauce from Japan will offer you a glimpse of The Far East. The sweet-salty, honey-caramel flavour and dark brown colour are the distinctiveness of this marinade.

“Buffalo” – the idea, which originated in Buffalo, New York State, became very popular all over the world very quickly. Recognisable from the lush red color and sharpness. “Ready to Cook” carefully selected spice mix gives this chicken a well balanced sharpness that is not too overpowering.

“Truffle” marinade – mushroom of the truffle family with a particularly distinctive taste and is one of the most expensive delicacies. A great marinade to surprise even those who have tried everything.

“Guo Bao” – a marinade popular in The Far East will offer you a particularly sweet and sour taste. Perfectly mixed spices and herbs – a marinade that will please many.


“Ready to Cook” also introduces 2 pork products.

“With roasted garlic” – everyone’s favourite classic marinade, which gives pork loin a particularly attractive aroma.

“With sweet and spicy sauce” – great balance between sweetness and sharpness provides a distinctive juiciness to this pork neck

You can find “Ready to Cook” products in “IKI” stores, the full range of products can be found in bigger “MAXIMA” supermarkets.


„Mažyliai“ introduces new products

„Nematekas” popular „Mažylių” product line introduces two new products that will appeal both to the little ones and their parents alike.

The new products are aimed for the whole family. It will save time and offer something different for those who are looking for new, tasty and interesting ideas for their lunch, dinner or snacks. The preparation is extremely easy – only 10 minutes in the oven or 5 minutes in the pan and the whole family will be happy.

„Mažylių” fried chicken fillet steaks in breadcrumbs and fried chicken fillets in ground breadcrumbs – excellent size and enriched with iodised salt.

The new products are made in Rumšiškės and can be found in many stores. Colorful packaging will help you to find „Mažyliai” quickly and will save your time. Delicious, fast and convenient – everyone will enjoy.

Highest quality rating!

We would like to welcome the award of the highest AA level „Global Standard for Food Safety (BRC) certificate” to „Nematekas” in 2021. The audit at the poultry production workshop of „Nematekas” was carried out by an independent German audit company.

The first BRC certificate was awarded to „Nematekas” in 2008. Since then, it has been updated with a multi-day quality audit. Consistent work in accordance with the principles of BRC’s food safety and quality management system allowed to achieve an excellent result in 2021 – „Nematekas” was awarded the highest AA level of BRC certificate.

The BRC product safe production and quality management system covers not only the production processes of the products, but also their supply chain to the buyer. By purchasing products from BRC certified manufacturers, the buyer can be ensured that the products are manufactured in accordance with safe production and quality standards.

Quick and easy!

We have all been there – sometimes you just want to make dinner or lunch quick and easy. We have a perfect solution for that! The new „Nematekas” product line „Paruošta kepti” will allow you to take a little break and prepare dinner without putting too much effort. Just take it out of the box and put the product into the oven! After 15 – 20 minutes, you will be able to enjoy a warm delicious meat. Forget scrubbing your oven – all of the „Paruošta kepti” products come in bags that are suitable for oven. Delicious!

Sodium nitrite – strong NO

Delicious, fast and healthy – three simple words that should satisfy our daily eating habits. But nowadays finding a product that meets this criteria is not so easy. For this reason, the meat processing company „Nematekas” introduces a new product line „Pro Natura”, which is made from natural ingredients is fast to prepare and extremely delicious!

Egidija Vaicekauskienė, Director of „Nematekas”, reveals that from the entire „Pro Natura” product line, it was technologically difficult to create sausages that would remain similar in appearance and taste to products currently on the market, but would be much healthier. „Nitrite extends the shelf life and gives the necessary color. In meat it is very difficult to preserve the natural color without the use of preservatives. The meat is red only as long as it is fresh, but when heat treated, it changes color. This occurs due to the oxidation of meat protein. Therefore, it was most difficult for us to preserve the pinkness of sausages. The color of the products was maintained using vitamin C, using innovative technological solutions and only natural spices were chosen to obtain the taste”. „Pro Natura” has been developed for several years in cooperation with foreign technologists and food science specialists.

„Pro Natura” product line consists of 5 products: boiled sausages, boiled sausage, chicken sausage, cured sausage slices and hot smoked chicken breast. Director of „Nematekas” says that only the highest level of raw materials and natural spices are used in the production of „Pro Natura” products.

Improving “Jokių E” products line

We have updated the products of the „Jokių pridėtinių E”. We present you „Jokių pridėtinių E” cooked sausages enriched with vitamin D3, cooked chicken sausage enriched with protein and cooled chicken sausages.

According to the findings of studies conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO), vitamin D3 is very necessary for people living in our geographical latitudes since it helps to maintain the normal functioning of the immune system. Protein-enriched food helps our body grow healthily, because after all, proteins are the main building material of our organism, necessary for the formation of new muscle fibers and the restoration of damaged tissues.

„Nematekas” was the first in the market to offer „Jokių pridėtinių E” products line and has earned consumer confidence. Products of „Jokių pridėtinių E” do not contain any food additives (preservatives, flavour enhancers or colours). Let’s eat healthier!

Improving „Mažylių” products line

„Mažylių” products line – designed not only for our little ones, but also for their parents! According to the findings of studies conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO), in our geographical latitudes, the population is severely deficient in iodine and vitamin D3, and nutritionists emphasize that proteins must dominate in children’s food. It is easiest to absorb these substances together with food, so we decided to enrich the „Mažyliai” products line with them:

„Mažylių” cooked sausages are enriched with iodized salt;

„Mažylių” cooked sausages with turkey are enriched with iodized salt and vitamin D3;

„Mažylių” cooked chicken fillet sausage is enriched with iodized salt and protein;

„Mažylių” cooked liver pate is enriched with iodized salt.

Most importantly, „Mažylių” products do not have any allergens, dyes or artificial flavor enhancers. Great choice for every day!